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Rejuvenate Roselle [10 bags]

Rejuvenate Roselle [10 bags]

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Let the zest of each brew cleanse and refresh your body after a heavy meal. Here’s to new beginnings.

Benefits: Relief indigestion, regulates Qi and detox your body. Perfect drink after a heavy meal

Ingredients: Roselle, Hawthorn Berry and Rose 

  • Roselle - Improves digestion, detoxifies the body. Rich in vitamin C
  • Rose -  Regulates the flow of Qi, soothes anxiety and reduce stress. Rich in antioxidants
  • Hawthorn Berry - Promotes digestion, resolves blood stasis

Not suitable for pregnant women and people with gastritis or acid reflux. 

  • Caffeine and sugar free
  • Keep your buddy refrigerated
  • Brew for 5-10 minutes
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