Walking Alongside Nature

Tea Buds embraces nature’s wonders and offers caffeine-free floral tea blends that will gently give you a boost to your daily sustainable living. 

Each blend, called a “buddy”, is a companion that brings relief and enjoyment. It reminds us to pause, breathe, and inhale the beauty of earth - even if it's done within the time of sipping on a cup of tea. 

Tea Buds' logo contains a pair of footprint formed by leaves, it encourages us to align our pace and walk alongside nature. Heal, and be healed by Nature. Slow down, celebrate the beauty of herbs, and experience Nature with your buddy.

Curation of each buddy is gently guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine and is caffeine & sugar free.


Started with the intention to bring people closer to nature, Tea Buds' vision and goal is to eventually become a social enterprise that supports mental health and nature related initiatives. Join us on this journey as we grow alongside nature together!

Tea Blending Bar

Have a wedding or reception? Allow your guests to interact and bring home a tea blend of their choice! From door gifts to event set-up and wedding favours, contact us to enquire for your upcoming event of your dreams. 

wedding tea blending bar at gardens by the bay singapore


Care and Storage

Buds and herbs used in your blends are naturally sourced - no preservatives and chemicals are added. Keep your buddy refrigerated, especially in our sunny island, so that it stays fresh!

Do you provide customisation?

Customisations are available for bulk orders of 30 and above. From Mini Buddy card design to full gift set curation, simply contact us to enquire or get started!