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Bright Chrysanthemum [10 bags]

Bright Chrysanthemum [10 bags]

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Let the clarity of each brew brighten up your eyes. Pause & breathe - better days are ahead

Benefits: Clears heat and relieves strained eyes. Specially made for people who work long hours, especially in front of the screen. 

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Pale Butterflybush, Goji Berry 

  • Chrysanthemum - Cooling in nature and a good source of Vitamin A and C. Clear the liver, brighten eyes
  • Pale Butterflybush - Clear heat, nourish liver and improve vision
  • Goji berry - Improves vision and tonifies the blood

Sugar and caffeine free

Storage method: Keep your buddy refrigerated

Brewing guide: Brew in 100 degrees celsius for 5-8 minutes 

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