Salmon Pink, Olive and Soft Linen - A New Chapter

Salmon Pink, Olive and Soft Linen - A New Chapter

I spent the last two months fiddling around with many drafts of brand colours, and amidst the countless draft, there was one thing that I knew for sure - I was getting tired of my brand identity and I had to do something about it. 

 Tea Buds is now refreshed with a new set of colours for the upcoming season of life. Our fresh set of colours now encapsulates multiple meanings - love, warmth, abundance, relaxation alongside nature, groundedness and finally, acceptance of the imperfections in every day life. 

Salmon Pink is a slight spin-off from the OG dusty pink, except that it now has a slight orange hue, symbolising optimism and warmth.

Olive! A fresh new colour that has joined the Tea Buds family to balance out the femininity that is commonly associated with pink. It symbolises harmony, tranquility and healing. Accompanying olive, we have light sage to convey relaxation and a touch of nature. 

Finally, the neutrals. Beyond the lighter shades of linen, charcoal grey has also been added to Tea Buds' colour palette. This timeless earthy colour provides serenity, and also reflects contentment and acceptance of imperfections. Life, as it is, is and will never be perfect. Similarly at Tea Buds, while the botanicals that go into your tea bags are of a certain quality and freshness, they do not always look perfect and the same! Some petals are bigger than others, while some turn out smaller than their counterparts (and that doesn't mean that the overall brew will be of lower quality or have lesser benefits!) 

Now that the new look is more closely aligned with my vision for Tea Buds, I look forward to continue journeying alongside you and mother nature, together with Tea Buds. 

With love & gratitude,

Cheryl 💛


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